Heated Bodywarmer

Katie Tech

OK, so it’s unlikely to ever feature on Catwalk Queen’s round up of cool new clothing, but this bodywarmer is pretty HOT nevertheless (do you see?!). The gear comes to us courtesy of Maplin, every geek’s favourite weekend retreat. Thanks to some hidden heating wire woven into the fabric, this bodywarmer (£40) will heat up to 40 degrees using only the power of magic battery.

Apparently, the range, which includes a warmer for the boys as well as some heated gloves (£20), is designed for outdoors types to keep them warm on hikes. Personally, that sounds like total nonsense to me. I’m currently freezing to death in front of my computer and would like nothing more than a heated bodystocking and typing gloves to warm my geeky cockles.


By Katie | February 8th, 2006

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