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Got Wood?

Woodusb_1 Finally! A product that isn't trying to be too cool (i.e. polished white, silver, holographic, mirrored, brushed or anodised metal), isn't trying to be too girly (i.e. pink, baby-blue, fluffy, compact-, lippy- or dildo-shaped) and just begs to be held, carried, used, and worn. Brilliant. We need more androgyny in our design houses. Mind you, most men would go for the aforementioned 'cool' styles, I daresay the man wearing one of these lovely USB keys may be a touch metro-sexual.

Michael Leung has designed these plus a few other well-thought out products (kindly brought to Shiny Shiny's attention by Elana of sister blog Hippyshopper), of which I rather like the ceramic mobile phone, which claims to reduce radiation (not that it matters); and the stone-styled portable hard drive. Lovely. [Sara Wallen]


More Innovative USB Keys:
Micro Mini

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