CES Tech is a Girl's Best Friend: Video Rear View Mirror

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Apparently both men and women were surveyed about devices most important to women for the TechGirl honourees list. So, do you reckon it was a 50:50 split between the sexes voting for this, er, parking aid?

To be fair, if I had a monster truck or Chelsea tractor, I would probably want one of these Video Mirrors to make sure I didn’t knock over someone’s little poppet while reversing up to my own child in the playground. I mean, those rear windows are terribly awkward, being as one has to turn around to use them! I daresay this is a bigger problem in the US, given the average car appears to be a 6-mile-per-gallon Hummer. Still, a brilliant idea for lorry drivers and the White Van (Wo)Man in the UK. [Sara Wallen]


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By Shiny Media | January 5th, 2006

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