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Since folks keep talking about how the Nano is about the size of a credit card, I can see the thought process that might encourage you to carry it like one.  At least that seems to be the idea behind Marware‘s leather CEO Billfold Wallet, which has a special pocket for your Nano (including headphone jack, charger access and plastic screen.)

Convenient?  Sure.  Well – only if you want to carry it in your jacket since it’s not meant for "use in pants pocket" (and presumably would be awkward in a purse as well).  Oh – and if you don’t mind having to flash your wallet around every time you want to skip songs.  Doesn’t the iPod family have enough of a reputation as being targeted for theft without adding the temptation of a full billfold to it? – [Star C. Foster]

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By Star C. Foster | November 21st, 2005

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