Earbuddy Earbud Carrying Case

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When I first saw the Earbuddy storage system for the iPod earbuds, I thought to myself, "How cute!  And what a good idea!" After all, I spend about half of my daily bus commute home untangling my headphone wires from the mess they got themselves into when I tossed them unceremoniously in my bag that morning. It’d be nice to have them organised.

However, I then read the specs on this $15 accessory, and I see now that I never should have called it cute.  Apparently what I saw as earbud storage is actually earbud "body armour," made of "ballistic nylon" and "able to stand up to the everyday dangers of the urban jungle." This is a tough earbud holder, an earbud holder for earbuds that lead exciting, dangerous lives. Or perhaps an earbud holder for the slightly paranoid.  -[Star C. Foster]

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By Star C. Foster | November 18th, 2005

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