Text your kettle

Katie Tech

I think I established my slightly unhinged tendancy for tea-themed ranting with the Teasticks post so I’ll attempt to curb my enthusiasm for pointless railing with this story. I will just make a polite note to Hotel staff on the continent that handing a Brit luke warm water in a pot with a tea bag on the side is only going to result in misery for all concerned. Thankfully, Orange understands our need for freshly boiling water and has got together with PG Tips to launch a new service called ReadyWhenUR. It is based around a normal kettle that’s been kitted out with  a radio receiver. As soon as it gets the word ‘switch on’ via text it does just that ensuring that by the time you get back from the shops, the water is piping hot and ready for that tea bag. It goes on sale in January and costs £100.

By Katie | October 12th, 2005

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