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I was over in gay Paris the other week (yes, I’m being very slack putting this story up), looking at Philips’ prototype designs for the coming years. There was some pretty impressive stuff on show, and a lot of the products were actual working, or semi-working prototypes that should end up on sale some day soon. There’s quite a few products to cover, so bear with me – I’ll get them all up eventually. But they’re all worth checking out, so join me after the jump for the first batch from the "Glow" stand. This pic here is of the Chameleon light, an LED light that changes colour to match what you put in front of the sensor.

LED bulbs were on display everywhere in the Glow section, so expect to see them appearing more and more in the coming months and years. They don’t lose much heat, which makes them far more efficient than standard light sources, lasting about 10-20 years.

These oddly-shaped bulbs will let you adjust the colour and brightness to suit, and they’re also decorative even without a shade.

The Moodmix was an iPod-style touchwheel that changed the colour of the lights as you swept your finger round the pad. The wireless widget then sticks prettily on a dock in the wall awaiting your next command.

These light chimes are very similar to what architect, Jason Bruges (who I just interviewed for Blueprint magazine if you’re interested in knowing more), is already doing. They change colour depending on the heat and intensity of the wind, going blue when it’s hot and orange when it’s cold to make you feel colder or warmer accordingly.

By Katie | October 6th, 2005

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