TV Fireplace

Katie Tech

There’s nothing better than having a house that’s jam-packed with gadgets, but recently I’ve been getting all misty eyed at the prospect of decluttering the place and keeping all the tech hidden discretely away. Which is why this Plasma Screen Fireplace is such a neat little idea. When not in use, the TV slides itself away into the fireplace, with the mantlepiece covering the point of entry and exit.

This particular design is the "Firelight Beachcomber" with a lava rock and electric flame in the fireplace. And before you start fretting that this design won’t work with your lovingly restored Victorian semi, apparently virtually any fireplace on the market can be altered to work, although I’m guessing you’ll have to say goodbye to the coal fire.

The Beachcomber is £2,140 and there’s also the "Firelight Classic" (£3,631) and the "Firelight Modern", which has a remote controlled fire, built in downlights and a space to conceal the DVD/VCR. That one starts at £3,782.


By Katie | September 6th, 2005

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