ELLE Glamphone

Katie Tech

Having barely recovered from the excitement of seeing a pink V220, I find myself all in a flutter over this ELLE-branded handset from Alcatel. The ELLE Glamphone is, I’m told, "a sophisticatedly stylish mobile camera phone packed with an array of fantastic features". Apparently the camera is "powerful" but since both the release and the website neglects to give more info, I’m guessing we ladies have been fobbed off with a standard VGA camera once again. There’s also no mention of a screen resolution, which means it will be standard 65k colours as well, but there is much talk of the mirror feature. The screen converts to a mirror when not in use (much like the Siemens CL75) which is either hugely patronising, or a handy way to check your teeth for bits depending on your point of view. I’m going for the good British compromise and saying it’s a bit of both. The backlight flashes in time to your ringtones, you can record video, and there’s 3MB of internal memory for all your photos etc. It will be available from 17th October at a retail price of £149.99 (Sim Free). You’ll fine it in Prime ELLE Stores located in "premier shopping centres".Glamphone

By Katie | September 26th, 2005

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