Commodore Navigator Combo

Star C. Foster Tech

Looks like the 80s are making a comeback (although let’s hope it’s just the brand names, and not the fashions).  First the Sony WALKMAN made it’s return to the personal music market, and now Commodore’s back; and this time it’s tackling personal multi-media.

Projected to be available in early November, The Navigator Combo from Commodore is a 30 gig, touchscreen GPS device that can also play music (MP3 and WMA)  and MPEG-4 and DivX video.  It’s a tempting multi-functional gadget (especially since I am almost perpetually (a) lost and (b) listening to music) – and I can’t deny the nostalgiac wave I get seeing the Commodore name, but I’m holding off getting too excited until I see what kind of battery life The Navigator Combo offers. It’d be too pathetic to find myself both lost and tuneless. – [Star C. Foster]


By Star C. Foster | September 21st, 2005

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