True Lies

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When Sir Walter Scott warned us all about the dangers of spreading falsehoods, little did he know that just a mere two centuries later, someone would use technology to help us keep those tangled skeins (if not ourselves) on the straight and narrow.

True Lies is service designed to collect, organize and keep track of any…embellishments you might use throughout your day, as well as who you’ve used them with.  Then they monitor your schedule, and use a variety of technologies (SMS, text messaging, the ATM) to remind you of any tall tales you’ve passed along to the people you’ll be encountering.  No more will you scramble to remember what very-short term disease you told your boss you called out with Friday morning when you run into them at Happy Hour Friday night.  Unfortunately, it only keeps track of lies you’ve already told…so you’re still on your own for explaining why you’re not only down at the pub with the 24-hour flu, but also suddenly so tan. -[Star C. Foster]

True Lies [via Engadget]

By Star C. Foster | July 1st, 2005

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