Make your own iPod Covers

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Today’s shaping up to be a bit of an iPod accessories day. Not my fault (apologies to those of you that really couldn’t care less about the white status symbol): it’s just that everyone and his uncle seems to be currently beavering away at some form of outer-wear for the player. The Wrappers people have just got in touch to tell me about their latest wheeze: sticking your face on your iPod cover. Basically, you send in the photo or painting (or whatever) over to them and they transform your design into a stitched, durable case. The ARTY cases cost £32, which includes P&P worldwide.

[Edit: I’d love to show you a pic of the case, but Typepad seems to be having a wobbler right now. And we’re back.]


By Katie | July 22nd, 2005

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