Your New Flatmate

Star C. Foster Tech

Living alone can be a mixed-blessing.  On the one hand, you can spend countless hours watching trash tv in you skivvies and no one can complain about it; on the other, there’s no one there to lend a friendly ear when you need to unload about your rotten day, or to blame when there isn’t a clean dish in the place.

Enter the single-wallpaper, which depicts larger-than-life  individuals designed to keep you company on those lonely nights at home.  This photographic wallpaper won’t interrupt you when you talk, eat your leftovers, use up all the hot water before you’ve had a chance for a bath or be rude to your Mum.  On the downside, they won’t speak-up in your defense when your friends and loved ones start bringing doctors around to discuss the fact you’ve start referring to your interior design elements as "the fellow I live with." [Star C. Foster]


By Star C. Foster | June 5th, 2005

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