The Social Fabric

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As anyone who has ever played The Sims can tell you, there is something disturbingly appealing about manipulating digital versions of your friends and loved ones. UnFortunately, The Social Fabric project is not designed to allow you to control the fate of your friends, but rather to show you who you’ve been spending all your time with (and who you’ve been ignoring (and shame on you)). 

Working with your mobile, Social Fabric provides avatars of the people in your life, and then keeps track of all your digital communications (emails, phone calls, appointments) you have with them.

The avatar’s posture and position will change to reflect the amount of
commuication you’ve had with an individual.  The avatars of friends you
text all day when you’re meant to be working will appear alert and
active; whereas the avatar of your ex whose calls you refuse to return will sit and sulk, face turned
away.  It’s a bit like turning your friends into Tamagotchis.  The trick will be to remembering not to neglect your friends in real life just because you think their avatar is cute when it sulks.  [Star C. Foster]

The Social Fabric – [via We Make Money Not Art]

By Star C. Foster | June 14th, 2005

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