Sony Ericsson Z520 ladyphone

Katie Tech

Yes, it appears you’re no one in the mobile phone world if you don’t have a ladyphone amongst your portfolio. Sony Ericsson’s Z520 clamshell can’t claim to have been especially designed by women for women like the LG and Siemens ladyphones, but they made it quite clear at the press launch that they were pitching this one at us lot. Apparently, the big pull for the ladies is likely to be the blue lights along the rim that can be programmed to flash differently for specific callers. It’s got all the usual stuff – Bluetooth, VGA camera, Email and MMS – and it also comes in a number of colours with a selection of Style-Up covers in Pale Blue, Sandy Grey, Ceramic White, Espresso Brown, Peach, Mint, Pale Yellow and Pale Pink.

Press release

By Katie | June 16th, 2005

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