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Soft Calf Music Holder

Close your eyes a moment - and imagine a soft, Italian, suede-lined, calf leather jacket.Icalf_1 Mmm...lovely to touch, and terribly stylish.  Well, before your imagination takes off down the catwalk with you, I have to tell you, this jacket isn't for you; it's for your iPod.

(Sigh.  I suppose it's just as well. It's summer here, and it'd be a pity to let a jacket like that pine away in the back of the closet.)

Available in black, cherry and aquamarine, the Marc Jacobs Collection Soft Calf Music Holder has the ever important square and circle openings to allow you navigate your songlist while leaving your iPod ensconced in its little lap of luxury.  -[Star C. Foster]

Marc Jacobs Collection Soft Calf Music Holder - $175.00 from eLuxury

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