Powerseed Electronic Weight Management Coach

Katie Tech

The Powerseed is a new piece of techno-wizardry to help you lose weight, or rather gently ease you into eating properly by the power of suggestion. Imagine the scene: You’re just about to put a big spoonful of trifle into your mouth when suddenly, a tiny dayglo LED blinks at you to stop, desperately wishing you to put the spoon down.

Do you take heed? Like hell you do. If the website is to be believed, the Powerseed ‘imparts a new sense of control over the eating process, enhances the filling effect of the food and improves digestion’. But, like an impotent genie trapped within a diminutive black plastic lighthouse, all it can really do is flash at you. And that’s unfortunately it’s only – but very major – downfall. It can’t even kick you in the shins when you go for that ‘one more mouthful’.

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By Katie | June 16th, 2005

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