Takara Cubee – Singing Animal Cubes

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Today I’m mostly feeling poorly so my first reaction on reading about these plastic cartoon animal boxes was to get irritated with the amount of tat that keeps spilling forth from Japan to fill up our houses until we send it off to some landfill tip. But then I read: "Just press the button on the top of the Cubee and it will open and close it’s front face flap and quack (or moo or oink, chirp, meow or bark) a song" and suddenly all was right with the world again. "Front face flap". I don’t think I’ve read anything so entertaining in ages. Maybe I’m a little delirious. And that’s not all these plastic dust collectors do either – interconnect additional Cubees into a singing pyramid and the top one will "belt out the lead while the others “sing” back-up." I’m sure the novelty of these creatures would wear off about 20 seconds after you stuck the battery in, but the mental image my fevered mind is conjuring up of a great plastic pyramind of front face flaps quacking, mooing and oinking is going to see my through this dark time.

Takara USA [via Gizmodo]

By Shiny Media | May 10th, 2005

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