Sunglass Movie Viewer

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Want to watch movies on-the-go without lugging around your laptop; read your text messages without having to look at your mobile – or just fancy looking a bit like you’ve joined the local Borg collective? Then consider the Teleglass – a 0.24-inch liquid crystal display that will turn one lens of your eyeglasses (or, if you’re supercool – your sunglasses) into a personal, portable monitor for the digital device of your choice. $475 seems quite a bit to pay for something that will effectively cut your field of vision by half; especially when so many of us can be clumsy and distracted for free. (Which isn’t to say I’m not itching to give these a go. I can’t help it – I think it’d make me feel like The Bionic Woman.) [Star C. Foster]

Available in June [via Medgadget]

By Shiny Media | May 6th, 2005

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