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Hello Kitty sucks

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hellokittyvacuumWe'd like to tell you that as mature and sensible women we're starting to get a little tired of the whole Hello Kitty thing. But we're just not. In any way.

And that's because people keep coming up with new and ever more ridiculous objects to stick HK's face onto. Like this desk vacuum cleaner from JBox. Simply switch her on and let her clean your desk for you.

Now you might be thinking "why would I need a hoover for my desk?" To which we can only say: this is why.

The cleaner costs $9.50 and JBox will ship to the UK.


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  • mae

    hey love your shows

  • missa

    hello jitty suck!!!!!!

  • dfvfdvdv

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  • Geeryvic Gregorio

    I really like hello kitty hope someday i will receive hello kitty accessories from any one!

  • Geeryvic Gregorio

    I really like hello kityy hope someday i will receive hello kityy accesories from any one!

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