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Health & Sport

Living with diabetes may get a lot easier with Dario and Fatsecret

There's an estimated 347 million people with diabetes across the globe, so it's no surprise that mobile health companies are looking toward new ways to help those living with the disease. Dario is a digital platform for people with diabetes...more


Facebook removes messaging from its apps, REALLY wants you to use Messenger instead

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who hasn't downloaded the Facebook Messenger app? Facebook is so keen for everyone to have it that it peer pressures you into telling them to get it - not that any of...more


Peekster: scan an article to read and share the online version

Ever read a printed version of an article that you wish you could instantly share on Twitter? Or see a photo in a story that you're desperate to pin? Well Peekster aims to make linking up online and offline...more


The Amazon Dash stick does your shopping for you

We all know writing shopping lists is dull, which is why many of us don't, only to get back from the supermarket with none of the stuff we did need and just 27 bottles of wine and a load of...more


Ruark Audio unveils beautiful sound system concept at Milan Design Week

High-end audio specialists, Ruark Audio, have unveiled a beautiful new sound system at Milan Design Week as part of the Wallpaper Handmade Project 2014. Dreamt up by sculptor and designer Alex Mulligan, the concept product looks absolutely amazing, combining the...more


Asda and Zappar team up for an in-store "Easter Adventure Hunt"

This Easter, augmented reality company Zappar is teaming up with Asda to bring shoppers an in-store Easter creature hunting experience. At Asda stores this weekend there'll be stickers attached to the floor that you can "zap" with the Zappar...more


Twitter redesign means your profile looks just like Facebook

This week Twitter announced that over the next few days its profiles will be given a very Facebook-like makeover. According to a post on the official Twitter blog, our profiles will soon be getting a major redesign, which will include...more

Top Stories

The best of The Gadget Show 2014: Fitbug, Garmin, Fitbit, iHealth

The Shiny Shiny team were invited to The Gadget Show Live 2014 event at the Birmingham NEC yesterday and we went along armed with a camera and a tonne of questions ready to grill the top tech companies about...more

Thumbnail image for Ford Vignale Concept

Ford announces Vignale Concept car and matching handbag in Milan

Once buying a car was simply about choosing the model that could get from 0-60 the quickest. Now it seems for many it's just as much about getting one to match your handbag!In a bid to extend its brand into...more


REVIEW: Jawbone makes Bluetooth headsets cool with the brand new Era

When many of our readers hear of the Jawbone brand they probably think of its small Jambox speaker or the Up and new UP 24 (expect a review of this one soon) fitness trackers. But Jawbone has ventured into...more

Competitions & Promotions

ShinyShiny interviews Georgia LA from The Fox Problem

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with HP and The Fox Problem. Our competition with HP and The Fox Problem has just ended, ahead of a final party with The Fox Problem girls and loads of awesome music in...more


Turns out your phone already has a heart rate sensor like the Galaxy S5's

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed full of new and very enticing features, but the one that's excited us health and fitness tech fans here at Shiny Shiny the most has to be the built-in heart rate sensor....more

TVs and Home Cinema

Game of Thrones was so popular it brutally slaughtered HBO Go

Fear not, UK readers! We won't give anything away about the premiere of season four, other than tell you that so many US fans tuned in to the first episode last night that they managed to crash HBO's streaming...more

Health & Sport

Night vision contact lenses could soon turn us all into superheroes

It may sound like a power reserved for Superman or one of the X-Men, but according to new research from engineers at the University of Michigan, night vision contact lenses may soon no longer the stuff of sci-fi movies. According...more


Google teases us with Project Ara modular smartphone details

Remember Project Ara? It's Google's big plan to create a modular smartphone, which would allow people to pick and choose exactly how their mobile phone would look and operate based on a series of blocks, or modules. Well the...more

3D Printing

3Doodler: World's first 3D printing pen hits Maplin

Big Shiny Shiny fans will remember that last year we covered the 3Doodler, the world's first 3D-printing pen that had just launched a Kickstarter project. Well it turned into one helluva success story, because fast-forward 14 months and the 3Doodler...more


Vine copies Instagram and adds private messaging feature

Today Vine has taken a leaf out of Instagram's book and has added a private messaging feature into its popular video-looping app. But the big question is: will anyone use it? A post on the Vine blog today by...more


Is James Franco an Instagram creeper or just doing PR for Palo Alto?

Yesterday the internet was ablaze with a particularly scandalous social media scandal. Everyone's favourite art-y, hispter-y type James Franco allegedly sent a bunch of private Instagram messages and texts to a 17-year-old girl from Scotland asking her to meet up...more

Social networking

This Game of Thrones season 3 emoji recap is ridiculous but spot on

If you're keen to catch up on Game of Thrones ahead of the season four premiere at the weekend you could go back through every episode of guts and gore, check out HBO's interactive online guide to the epic...more


This iPhone lens wallet is a must-have for iPhoneographers

PhotoJoJo, the go-to site for the best camera accessories and quirky photography gadgets, now sells an iPhone Lens Wallet, which is a must-have for Instagram fans and those who are a little obsessed with iPhoneography (and not to mention...more

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